Network “Cultures of Resistance”

The German-Norwegian Network “Cultures of Resistance” is an interdisciplinary, comparative, international research group, led by the team of Nordic Music Politics and the research section of ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Centre in Kristiansand.


  • transferring the city friendship between Münster-Kristiansand into academic short- and long-term cooperations
  • examining the impact of Nazi-Germany’s occupation of Norway on culture and everyday life in the years 1940-45
  • describing the consequences of historical resistance work and persecution for contemporary European culture

Projects and Commitments

  1. Exchange of data, knowledge and experiences
  2. In-depth research of resistance, persecution, victims and propagandists related to the “Reichskommissariat Norwegen”, for example for the scheduled online database
  3. Conference “Propaganda and the Arts 1940-45 – Comparing Norway to other Nazi-Occupied Countries (scheduled for 2022)