Herman Sachnowitz

Arrested on 26th October 1942 as persecuted Jew together with his father, his four brothers Samuel, Martin, Elias and Frank as well as his sister Marie he first was a imprisoned in prison Berg. On 26th November 1942 he was deported to KZ Auschwitz (#79235) on the steam boat Donau via Stettin. First Herman Sachnowitz was sent to camp Birkenau where he was registered as musician before he was deported to Buna/Monowitz where he joined the “Lagerkapelle” as a trumpet player in August 1943. He was a participant of the “Todesmarsch” in January 1945 to KZ Mittelbau-Dora where he (nearly starving to death) also joined the “Lagerkapelle”. In April 1945 he was sent to KZ Bergen-Belsen where he was liberated on 15th April 1945. In 1976 he published his book “Det angår også deg” together with Arnold Jacoby remembering his time as a persecuted Norwegian Jew.

 in Larvik
 in Oslo