Dagfinn Ommundsen Rimestad

Born in Stavanger Dagfinn Rimestad was a popular working class songwriter before the war. With the beginning of the German occupation he supported the illegal union newspaper „Fri Fagbevegelse“ and was arrested and sent to Polizeigefängnis Møllergata 19 in Oslo on 12th October 1942. He then was sent back to Stavanger on 21st October 1942 and transferred to KZ Grini on 27th November 1942 (#5526). On 27th February 1943 he was deported to KZ Sachsenhausen (#61489) where he played music for his comrades. He was released on liberation day 8th May 1945. In the following decades he dedicated his songwriting to support the working class and the international peace movement.

 in Oslo