Finn Meland

Student and leader of Trondheim’s student society in spring of 1940. He was arrested on 6th November 1940 and sent to Vollan prison first. On 23rd December 1940 he was sent to Trondheim, on 17th March 1941 to Åkebergveien prison in Oslo (#1993) where he arrived on 18th March 1941 and was released the next day. He was arrested again on 31st August 1941 and sent to Kabelvåg prison in the north of Norway near Vågan, sent to camp Sydspissen in Tromsø on 1st October 1941 and to KZ Grini on 20th February 1942 (#1611) where he arrived 23rd February 1942. On 20th May 1942 he was deported to KZ Sachsenhausen (#42508) where he joined the camp band (“Musikkapelle”) and a swing-trio. He was released on liberation day 8th May 1945.