Einar Siebke

Singing teacher who was arrested for illegal activities (“illegale Betätigung”) on 17th August 1943. On 17th December 1943 he was sent to Polizeigefängnis Møllergata 19 in Oslo and imprisoned in KZ Grini (#10197) from 27th March 1944 to 6th December 1944. He drowned on 8th September 1944 when the ship Westfalen collided with a mine and sank in the Skagerak.

He had been married to Edvard Munch’s niece, the painter Signe Munch, who was incarcerated as well. She had been arrested on 17th December 1943 (the day her husband was transferred to the Gestapo). She was sent to KZ Grini 1st March 1944 (#10032) and released 30th April 1945, a few days before the liberation.

 in Oslo