Øyvind Lunde

He was a singer and train / traffic inspector (“jernbanexpediteur” / “trafikkinspektør”). He took singing lessons with Halfdan Rode (1925) and Erpekum Sem (1926-32). In 1931 he celebrated his concert debut in Oslo’s university hall and became a well-known performer and recording artist in Norway of popular songs (“slager”), romances, church music, and folk songs. Thanks to numerous concert tours he also had a huge following in Sweden. He was arrested on 10th September 1943 and sent to Polizeigefängnis Møllergata 19 in Oslo. Further he was sent to KZ Grini (#13011) on 23rd September 1943. On 10th August 1944 he was deported to KZ Natzweiler-Stutthoff where he arrived on 12th August 1944. He was released on liberation day 8th May 1945.

 in Oslo
 in Oslo