Wilhelm Goldberg

German born opera singer from Bergen and son of cantor Eduard (Esril) Goldberg (born 21st March 1852 in Przedbory north of Warsaw, died 1922 in Berlin) and Sara Goldberg née Burstyn (born 7th April 1862 in Cherps). He was married to Käte Johanna Elisabeth (Ruth) Müller (born 16th May 1893 in Berlin, died 25th August 1978 in Amsterdam). It is unclear when Wilhelm Goldberg came to Norway. Due to his Jewish descent he was arrested in Bergen on 23th July 1940 and released on 3rd August 1940. He was arrested again on 21st October 1940 and imprisoned in Bergen where he was released on 14th November 1940. On 26th October 1942 he was arrested once more, sent to KZ Berg on 24th March 1943 and sent to KZ Grini (# 7053) on 26th March 1943. It is unclear when he was relesead from Grini. However, he arrested once again on 16th February 1944 and sent to KZ Berg on 24th February 1944. He was released on liberation day.

 in Bergen