This website summarizes research carried out by Prof. Michael Custodis, his team at the Department of Musicology in Muenster, and their national and international partners. This includes results of the research projects The Reception of Beethoven and His Music in Nazi-Occupied European Countries and “Nordic Music” – Resistance, Persecution, Collaboration, and Reintegration in Norway’s Music Life 1930–1960 as well as publications, events, and media productions.

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2023 • 

Deutsch-deutsche Musikgeschichten

2021 • 

Cultural Defense During the German Occupation of Norway 1940-45

2021 • 
Andrea Albrecht, Lutz Danneberg, Ralf Klausnitzer, Kristina Mateescu (edit.)

Norwegische Gegenpropaganda im Stockholmer Exil

2020 • 
Ina Rupprecht (edit.)

Persecution, Collaboration, Resistance